Grapamar Qatar, has started installation of Ventilated Facade of Hilton Hotel projected by Chapman Taylor Architects,  in the complex Mall of Qatar, sited on growth zone of Doha, in Al Rayyan Gate.

Throught Marble Stone Trading, very important supplier of stone in persic gulf, it has started the installation of more than 3.000m2 of ventilated facade. Installation are being made with GRAPAMAR System PF-1025. This system is endorsed by Eduardo Torroja Construction Institute with Technical Approval Document  DIT 513/R14. This document certifies the suitability of the system for installing any kind of stone plate in ventilated facade. Choosen stone is Jerusalem Limestone in size 120x60cm and 30mm thick.

Grapamar takes part in this project both supplying facade system and installing stone. As well as supervision and engineering of ventilated facade. Grapamar makes a complete package that guarantees the perfect installation of the facade. The completion of the work is expected at the end of August.

The building is a 5 stars luxury hotel Hilton, with more than 30.000 m2 and almost 300 rooms, it’s located in comercial and leisure complex, Mall of Qatar. With aroung 460.000m2 of facilities capable of serve more than 2 million people of growing population in Qatar.