ANCLAJES GRAPAMAR, S.L. Was established as a company in the Spanish Market more than 25 years ago, founded by a team of experts in the fixing and cladding of marble and stone, who shared great interest in improving upon the techniques used up untill then. This effort has yielded a number of different types of anchoring systems which currently make up the wide range of solutions provided by GRAPAMAR to its clients. Likewise, our technical research team is continuosly working at addressing the most current needs of all aspects of modern days stone fixing.

GRAPAMAR was part of the work group that shaped the content of the UNE 41957-1 Regulation, which is recommended for use in the installation of mechanical anchoring systems.

GRAPAMAR started in 2007 an international expansion creating local companies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and India, with the intention of cover that markets in continuos growing.

Our company has designed and manufactured a wide variety  of self-supporting  anchoring systems to fix stones to ventilated facades, defining each and every element thee anchoring systems  are comprised of, metting the most  stringent needs in terms of load, leveling adjustment, speed of installation, security and simplicity  of design.


We at Grapamar look after the quality and functionality of our products, offering a wide range of solutions for every single project requirement regardless its complexity and singularity. At the same time our services can cover any kind of request which any architect or contractor may require from a Facades Company.

Our Basic Values are based in offering the highest quality at a reasonable market price, at the same time we offer a wide variety of products meeting all the technical specs required within any geographical area and specially emphasizing on effective solutions for energy savings improvements. All this makes Grapamar a leader in solutions for ventilated facades.