Dear customers,

Throughout this year 2017 we have noticed from different sources an illegal use of our DIT No 513 and 548 of our property. This illegal use refers to its use in projects where Anclajes Grapamar, S.L. has not supplied, endorsed or supervised the installed system. Therefore, this situation incurs an illegal use by different companies of a system protected by patents and entails that this system is not backed or endorsed in any way by the Guarantee that Anclajes Grapamar, S.L. provides to its customers. Because of this situation, from this date the DIT of our company will be given for each project, and will be accompanied by a document signed and stamped by Anclajes Grapamar, S.L. indicating which project is covered by the same.

For projects in which the mentioned DITs have been given as warranty but the purchase of the materials has not been made directly in our company or at any Anclajes Grapamar, S.L… authorized company, we regret to inform you that Anclajes Grapamar does not endorse the usual guarantee it provides in these cases.

Likewise, the guarantee of the above-mentioned DITs will not be in force, in case the purchase of the material has not been fully settled.

In case of doubts from your side, we kindly ask you to contact our main head office, where we will clarify any doubt about the validity of the DITs.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification you may need on that matter.


D. Jose Graciano Rubio Milla