dit-miniDIT, Technical Approval Document, is a voluntary document issued by Construction Science Institute Eduardo Torroja (IETcc), containing a favorable technical assessment of the fitness for use in building non-traditional or innovative construction systems that do not have specific legislation. For all this we have a technical and regulation support for the manufacture and implementation of systems. Since of the Spanish Technical Building Code requirements of building elements are established, but keep open the way that must be solved, so that must be technically justified. The DIT is a recognized document that can justify the installation of the system in any building project. GRAPAMAR currently has 2 profile systems with DIT, PF1011 system, DIT 548/09 (for porcelanic tiles) and PF1025, DIT 513 system (for stone plates).

All our effort is reflected in this document, which recognizes the quality of manufacturing and technical monitoring that GRAPAMAR has always remained as a priority in development of our systems.


 GRAPAMAR has a technical department capable of performing studies and calculations previous to respond the requirements of each project. Due to versatility of our systems is possible to adapt to designer needs. Also we can offer a technical advice during installation of our systems.

ISO 9001

 Marca_ISO 9001_miniISO 9001 it’s a international norma that applies to Quality Management System and focuses in all quality administrative elements which has the company to having an effective system that allows to manage and improve the quality of the products and service. In this way we have a complete tracing of all manufacture processes.
Every six month a certification agent makes an external audit to ensure the accomplishment of ISO 9001 norm. In this way, the clients of the companies registered with this system don’t have to worry about the quality control of his suppliers and also, these suppliers just have to do one audit. Suppliers of all around the world must accomplish the same norm.
With this certification Anclajes GRAPAMAR get a constant improvement to provide the best service to our clients.